10 Things You Need to Know. . .

Consultation Request Form

10 things you need to know before you call a web design company for pricing and development:

  1. The flowchart of the project.  Includes total number of pages and subpages and how they link together.
  2. Will the web design company design the logo or do you already have one in vector format?
  3. Has your website text for the corresponding flowchart pages been written?
  4. Who will update the website – the web design company or you?
  5. If you update in-house, how will you do it, through a CMS (Content Management System) or through programming HTML?
  6. Who will host the website?
  7. Will e-commerce be required?  If yes, please also consider the e-commerce questionnaire.
  8. Does the project need to interface with any databases?
  9. Will you host your own email?
  10. And the most important question is – what is the budget? This question will allow the web design company to give options and suggestions for some of the project requirements that may or may not fit within the budget.

We ask for your budget to allow us to help provide a solution that will best work for you, it however does not reflect on any quote for you. For example, If we feel your budget is too low, we may suggest to eliminate/substitute some site requirements or features that may exceed your initial quoted price (or) if we feel your site budget range is too high for what you want, we can show you how much you can save or optionally suggest additional features to get the most out of your website.

You wouldn’t ask an architect to draw up plans for a house without telling him your budget, the same holds true for a website.

PDF Version of this list