Consultation Request Form
How do I become a client for ArkansasWeb.com?

The easiest way to start our relationship is to complete the Quote Request Form on this website. This form will give us an idea about you, your company and your web project. The form will be emailed directly to our Sales & Marketing department. A representative will contact you, usually via email, within 2 business days to discuss your project and set up an initial consultation.

How do I use the new Ticket System?
Client Login

You should have received an email from ArkansasWeb.com that includes your Client Login information, a user name and a password.

Go to the Client Login. or visit www.arkansasweb.com/help. Enter your information. You will now be logged in to your own unique area.


How to I submit a Ticket?

Once you are logged in to your client area, there will be three tabs: Messages, Tickets and Files.

Simply hover over the Tickets tab and a submenu will appear: View Open Tickets, View Closed Tickets and New Ticket.

  1. Select New Ticket
  2. Select what type of request you are submitting, a description of the request and upload any files associated with the ticket.
  3. Once you hit Submit you will be presented with a printable receipt for your records. This receipt shows the information you just entered about your request, as well as the date and time submitted and the unique ticket number associated with your request.

This ticket will immediately be sent to the Production Manager. If any questions arise about your ticket, the Ticket System will send you an email, as well as post an identical message to the Messages section of your client area. Once your ticket has been completed, you will be notified via email. This status will also appear on the ticket under the Tickets tab in your client area.


Why was the Ticket System created?

The main reason for creating the ticket system is to simplify the process, making processing your request both faster and easier:

  • You can submit a ticket at any time of the day or night and from any computer.
  • You will not have to wait to hear back from us to know if we received your request of not.
  • You will have a printable receipt for your records.
  • Your request will go immediately into the production schedule.
  • You will be automatically notified when your request has been completed.
  • You can upload any files needed with the ticket system, and they will be kept with your request.